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About Us

During school holidays, Global Vision company organize a group of special camps for our sons and daughters students from 4 years old to 14 years old. Its concerned with healthy and scientific life and encourages innovation through many sports activities, fun and life skills, technology and science. Where participants can learn new skills such as computer programming, technology and robotics, and participate in scientific experiments in the Laboratory.
The slogan of our smart camps is “Education by Entertainment”, encouraging participants to achieve greater independence, discover new hobbies and improve social skills in a fun and exciting way.

(Global Vision Camps are a golden opportunity to gain new skills and talents)

Our Activites

Believing in the importance of technology in facilitating children’s learning and developing their various skills, we offer a program that includes many activities that are concerned with modern science such as programming, robotics, electronics and many others.

Preparing for the global local robot competitions

Global Vision is one of the pioneers in the preparation of participants in local and international competitions. In order to discover the talent that wants to compete locally and globally, the summer camps will contain many programs and preparatory activities to participate in the local and international versions of the Robot Olympiad VEX, WRO, Lego FLL, RoboCup, and the Young Robotics Competition in the Emirates Skills Competition.

Little Engineer

An innovative educational system for the teaching of engineering sciences, the laws of electricity, digital electronics, electromagnetism, renewable energy and optics, semiconductors such as transistors. Students acquire basic skills such as measurement, observation, analysis, problem solving, analysis of results and derivation of laws.


The program is designed in three levels to teach the basics of the use, manufacture and programming of robots in an interesting group of activities and competitions. Participants work in small groups to produce a robot to compete in performance predefined task as students learn the basics of programming robots using the operating systems Android and Apple IOS. Examples of used robots for Dash, Lego, vex and others.

Technology Control

A set of engineering activities is designed to teach the basics of automatic control by assembling, programming and automating the control devices. The Raspberry PI is used globally for such a task.

Because the healthy mind in the healthy body, our program includes many sports activities under the supervision of highly qualified professional trainers.

Our programs contain many fun activities that aim to teach participants some life skills in order to preserve souls and property, how to deal with emergency situations and act responsibly.

Away from the study stress and the traditional ways of learning, we provide our children with (learning through fun). The children acquire many interesting and enjoyable skills. These activities aim at teaching arts, crafts and basic skills, discovering and supporting talents by encouraging creativity and innovation.

Our Clients


Registration for summer camp-2018

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Camp Details

  • Location: Institute of Applied Technology, Mohammed Bin Zayed City, Abu Dhabi

  • Time: 9am to 2pm

  • Date: July 8 to August 16, 2018

  • Age: from 5 to 14 years old

  • Fees: For companies and groups

1 Week 700
3 Weeks 1800
6 Weeks 3000

I hereby declare that I am not suffering from any diseases that prevent me from practicing any sports activity in the summer camp and does not suffer from any sensitivity. I also acknowledge that I have been informed On the policy of retrieving cash, and I do not mind using the pictures of my son / daughter on the means of social communication associated with the camp, and this is a statement of me.

  • Upon withdrawal before the beginning of the summer camp, 10% of the amount paid (in addition to the connectors) is deducted.
  • When you withdraw during the first week you will be charged the first-week fee plus transportation.
  • Upon withdrawal during the second week, a fee of AED 1200 will be deducted as well as transportation.
  • Upon withdrawal during the third week, 1800 AED charges will be charged as well as transportation.
  • Upon withdrawal during the fourth week, a fee of AED 2200 will be deducted as well as transportation.
  • Upon withdrawal during the 5th and 6th week, no cash is returned.

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